FREE Walking Street Art Tour of Puerto Vallarta

man walking in front of vivid street art in the shape of undersea creature

Our time in Oaxaca put us a bit over budget and while researching things to do in Puerto Vallarta, I came across a fantastic blog post by The Whole World or Nothing which has a self-guided FREE walking street art tour and provides very detailed step-by-step instructions. As we were having a bit of trouble navigating Puerto Vallarta from our neighborhood (Valentín Gómez Farias), this was exactly what we needed.

The route starts in the 5 de Diciembre neighborhood and goes through Zona Centro and into Zona Romántica. To avoid having to continue referencing the long written instructions the whole time we were walking, I asked Kelton to create a map for us to follow. If you prefer visual directions to written ones, feel free to use this!

I think art walks are a fantastic way to see a new city, and the sights in between the works of art are always fascinating too. You get to see locals going about their daily business, numerous stands prepping delicious food, and the architecture and vibe of different parts of the city.

Spend a few hours doing this in the morning and you won’t regret it! I think the art may change rather frequently, as we did not see many of the pieces in the original post I mentioned. That just makes it more exciting though! Here are some favorites we were lucky enough to see.

Once you reach Zona Romántica, make sure to take a stroll through Lázaro Cárdenas Park, the site of an art installation project which has transformed a once concrete plaza into a rainbow of colors reflecting the vibrancy of Old Town Puerto Vallarta. Artist Natasha Moraga and local volunteers have created a magical little spot, full of intricate mosaic tilework benches and pillars. It’s a nice shady spot to people-watch, and you might even see art workshops being held, with people actively tiling more surfaces of the park.

There are lots of restaurants in this area, so you’ll have your pick of a place to replenish your energy after that 2+ hour long walk. We stopped at Ono Smoothie Bowls for, you guessed it, a smoothie bowl, and some avocado toast. They were reasonably priced for the very popular, touristy area we were in, and if they were closer to us, we’d definitely go back.

Let me know if you take this walking tour and what you think!

3 thoughts on “FREE Walking Street Art Tour of Puerto Vallarta”

  1. Loved this post! At first I thought Kelton was part of the art in the top photo. Your pictures were beautiful, and the artwork is truly amazing. Loved the Slow Kitchen sign, too.

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