Welcome fellow voyagers!

I’m Rachel, a slow travel enthusiast who likes to be prepared for everything, but I’m doing my best to embrace and adapt to the unknowns of travel.

Like a stereotypical Virgo, I’m not exactly a “go with the flow” type of traveler and I’m here to tell you that’s okay, and there’s still space for you in this lifestyle. Being organized, detail-oriented, practical and patient can really benefit you! Even overthinking has its time and place, and it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself.  

I spent a decade working in the customer service financial sector and eagerly counting down the days until my annual 2-3 week vacation.  During the pandemic, when that option was taken away for close to 2 years, I decided that traveling 5% of each year was not enough. I spent 6-9 months saving as much of my income as possible to give myself room to quit my job and pursue my passions of traveling and writing.

Now I’m on a mission, with my partner, Kelton, and our larger than-average-chihuahua, Griffin, to travel more, spend less, and learn as many new skills as possible so that I can keep voyaging while helping you to do the same.