The Cost of Backpacking in Mexico, Pt. 2

We're back in the U.S. after 8 weeks away, so it's finally time to share the total cost of backpacking in Mexico! Click here for pt. 1, which discusses costs incurred before the beginning of the trip such as airfare, accommodations, travel insurance, and SIM cards. Backpacking in Mexico: Budget Goals When we began planning… Continue reading The Cost of Backpacking in Mexico, Pt. 2

6 Must-See Museums of Mexico City

During our eleven day visit, we were faced with the challenge of narrowing down the list of over 150 museums to a select few. From the most visited National Museum of Anthropology to the ultra-niche Mexican Antique Toy Museum, odds are you can find at least a dozen choices you'll be interested in visiting during… Continue reading 6 Must-See Museums of Mexico City

Best CDMX Street Food Tour | Eat Like a Local

While we tried to limit the number of tours we took during our trip to Central Mexico, we knew from the beginning that a CDMX street food tour was non-negotiable. One of the most important parts of the slow travel experience is to eat like a local, and shopping at mercados and from street vendors… Continue reading Best CDMX Street Food Tour | Eat Like a Local

Winter Packing List for Central Mexico

What's Your Packing Style? My first thought after booking flights for the lengthiest international trip of my life thus far wasn't "where are we going to stay", "how will we get from city to city", or "what activities should we consider doing?" No, my first thought was "how early is too early to start my… Continue reading Winter Packing List for Central Mexico

Visiting the Magical Guanajuato City

Guanajuato City, a bit more genuine and gritty than polished, pricey, and expat-heavy San Miguel de Allende, is a must-visit if you're traveling in or around Central Mexico. While it's not a destination with lots of things to do per se, it's perfect for slow travelers. The hiking trails are numerous and contain so many… Continue reading Visiting the Magical Guanajuato City

Pros and Cons of Puerto Vallarta: An Honest Review

My impressions of Puerto Vallarta were mixed at best. Initially, I thought maybe I wasn't giving it a fair shot after our rocky start, which you can read about here. After the full 10 days though, I feel confident in saying, it just wasn't for me. As with any destination, Puerto Vallarta had its pros… Continue reading Pros and Cons of Puerto Vallarta: An Honest Review

FREE Walking Street Art Tour of Puerto Vallarta

Our time in Oaxaca put us a bit over budget and while researching things to do in Puerto Vallarta, I came across a fantastic blog post by The Whole World or Nothing which has a self-guided FREE walking street art tour and provides very detailed step-by-step instructions. As we were having a bit of trouble… Continue reading FREE Walking Street Art Tour of Puerto Vallarta

How to Adapt When Travel Days Don’t Go As Planned

I'm a big proponent of not sugar-coating the fact that traveling can be really hard sometimes, especially if you are an introvert or highly sensitive person. It's not all a highlight reel full of upgraded flights, amazing food, and beautiful views. No matter how well you research, things will inevitably go wrong, and no one… Continue reading How to Adapt When Travel Days Don’t Go As Planned

Top 10 Budget-Friendly Restaurants in Oaxaca

Let me preface these recommendations by saying, this is not by any means an exhaustive list and is definitely based on my personal preferences. There are plenty of affordable restaurants and street vendors in Oaxaca, but sadly I couldn't try all of them. After all, we were only visiting for 10 days, and since we… Continue reading Top 10 Budget-Friendly Restaurants in Oaxaca

Visiting Jalatlaco and Xochimilco, Oaxaca | Hidden Gems or in Danger of Gentrification?

In 2019, Time Out magazine included the colonial, colorful, charming neighborhood of Jalatlaco, Oaxaca in their list of "coolest neighborhoods in the world." Google's top search results for the neighborhood include a confusing mix of older posts calling it a hidden gem, with newer posts drawing attention to the looming danger of gentrification. gentrificationthe process… Continue reading Visiting Jalatlaco and Xochimilco, Oaxaca | Hidden Gems or in Danger of Gentrification?