Plan a Successful New Year

As we collectively embark on 2023 (will it ever stop feeling like time stopped in 2020?), most of us think about what we've accomplished in the previous year and then take on what has become the socially obligatory task of setting resolutions for the future. I've never been a big fan of New Year's resolutions… Continue reading Plan a Successful New Year

The Virgo Voyager: My Backstory and Intentions

THE BEGINNING: At a young age, I started writing short stories and poetry constantly, probably because it provided a much needed emotional outlet. It also gave me a break from reading, which, as a homeschooled child, was what I did the majority of the time. I spent most of my adolescence dreaming of going "anywhere… Continue reading The Virgo Voyager: My Backstory and Intentions

A Little Lost 30-Something

I might be a lot like you. A little overwhelmed, a little lost, 30-something looking to escape the daily grind, wondering if I’m taking good enough care of my mental health, and pushing myself to create a more fulfilling life...all while being intensely worried about the state of the world. Before I started this blog,… Continue reading A Little Lost 30-Something